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October 2004


Finally I could sit down (just have one hour) and send you some news… Everybody, this is amazing!!!! I’ve spent one day in Bombay… the whole day visiting the huge overcrowded city, full of all sorts of things, very chaotic, but impressive… the thing they say about ‘culture chock’… it is true! You are chocked in many ways, but I was also astonished and admiring the happenings. Too much to mention. Some people guided me through the special places in the city and drove me from south to north, from west to east… I saw Bombay all right and felt like it was enough for me already … the same evening I took a train to ‘Jaipur’ (purchased ticket already in the morning)… 18 hours of train… leaving at 18.50 Friday night, arriving 13h Saturday… again a pretty special event… something I would no have done if… but then I did and it is unforgettable. It is called a sleeper train.. so you can sleep ?!?.. but you have to be very open minded do to so in these conditions… my day of Bombay was so heavy that I fell asleep even before the train started, a small upper bed was reserved for me(3 on a side)(6 in a cabin)… In the morning I immediately jumped down the dorms and looked outside, and yes…India is very beautiful!!! Hours of just landscapes and nature, the holy cows and the sandy planes, goats, camels, an elephant some times… I could stare outside this window for hours…but as usual I made some Indian friends and after the long drive I arrived into this magical city, they introduced me to a very special family… I’ve been staying with them for 4 days now and I’ve learned what it is to be an Indian with a Muslim religion and how it is to live here… crazy!!! These people are very very friendly sweet and careful, but don’t underestimate the differences!!! So not even a week away from home and I’m already wearing different clothes, eating on my knees with my right hand, sleeping on the floor, washing myself with a bucket and meeting very religious people, seeing beautiful fords and temples. It looks like they really like me over here… This is exactly what I wanted to experience in this adventure, taste the real culture, and look how I find what I was looking for… Admitting that it is not easy, but so meaningful, so special… I think I will stay here 1 or 2 more days, depending on…. The direction of the wind. Until then I will not be able to send you any pictures yet, but I promise some beautiful picks soon. Thank you all for all your sweet thoughts and messages, love you all….