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June 2005

Friday 3rd of June, Turangi DOC Office


My time is almost over…. It is going oh so fast… 6 weeks have flown by, like the wind goes 100 km/h up here sometimes…

It is crazy, but I’m already in my last week at the park and not really willing to go yet… haven’t seen half of it.

This last week was super nice, unless the keeping inside part a lot. SNOW was everywhere… you could see the volcanoes covered in white blankets, some patches of the red tussock coming through, just so different after 5 weeks of wondering around…

Have to admit it was super cold… most of the time I spent hanging with my feet above the heater, those little toes frozen….

Once at night I have to turn of the heater and jump as fast as I can in my sleeping bag with clothes and hat on, everything… so I’m still alive in the morning. But there is nothing like a hot cup of coffee on the deck outside, fresh snow everywhere, sitting alone and thinking… wow… there is absolutely nothing I need else than this couple of minutes to realize it…. The sun saying hello… to me first ( I hope so than, think so than)

I have been downloading as many pictures as is thought to be good for you… much more will make you drawl… which we don’t want above keyboards of computers.

I’m having a good time still… a bit sad it is coming to an end… what is good is that something amazing will follow, of which I will write when time comes…

Have made a bunch of super friends here; Virginie (France), Steffi (Germany), Jeremy (Canada), Tash, Anna, Andrew (UK), Megan (Canada), Joanna and Sandra from New Zealand…. And more. Virginie and I worked together, we've been on the same shift so were free on the same time. She's an amazing person, travelling for over 6 years now, Alaska, Canada, Austarlia... we've become close spending so much time together. She painted a super painting while I was there, very talented. And our biggest in common thing is.... love and passion for Wolves. I'm going to miss her.

I have to send my sincere gratitude to Jimmy Johnson, the coordinator and supervisor of us all, he has been great and made it all possible in the first place…..

Being up there, most of the time on my own, I’ve had the time to think about a lot of things… and I have to say… I miss you all and hope when seeing you again, we can talk and talk and hug! Haha…. Going to be so much fun!

Well, have to go and get my shower for the week… Wish you all the very best and thanks for reading my stuff….


Enjoy the pics


Saturday 11 June, Tauranga

With one of my best fiends, cruising around in her super Van… Anna came to visit me. Arriving at Turangi last weekend, she has been in New Zealand for a couple of months now, picking mandarins up in the corner (Kerikeri) that I haven't seen yet and probably wont this trip... Our second day together we already marked our being together so far from home... we got a piercing?! Oeps...

She came with me to Waihohonu Hut for my last couple of days in the Park. It was so cool to show her what I’ve been up to here for the last 2 months. I can’t believe it is all over already. She loved it, only the muscles hurt a little still.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences to work in such an amazing and unique environment. It could be cold and sometimes you’re out there for a couple of days by yourself, but that makes it all so different. I loved it and realise that I’ve learned a lot from it as well, it gave me time to think about my past journey, current thoughts and plans, future, feelings, situations…Made me fit again and it was just healing to hike around there.

After our Pick Up from the last 3 working days, we had a party with all the Wardens and Rangers together, which was fun! Nathan, my friend from the South Island showed up as well, which was a nice surprise. 2 Visitors for me??????? Wow

We had a Debrief meeting the day after, to evaluate the huts, the house, the work field and projects. Jimmy made us some nice afternoon snacks and once back at the house Anna, Nathan and I left for our Road-trip.

It was hard to say goodbye to my friends there, so left faster than ever… doesn't make sense dough?!

Taupo, Rotorua, Maketu, Mt. Mangenui and now am in Tauranga…

Beautiful days, amazing sunsets by the East-coast, having a nice time wit Anna. Who would have thought we were going to travel together for a couple of days… Am really Happy she’s here and we’re doing this Road-trip, we’re having lot’s of fun and enjoying the views.

Planning is just to follow up the Coastline and then Auckland is the spot of destination. Anna is leaving to Thailand for a couple of months and coming back later to escape the cold winter down here…

And I have one more week in New Zealand, so better make the best of it…

Because friday I’m flying out to Chile, Patagonia, Punta Arenas….. The other side of the world. Am really excited about this because this is a dream coming true. Since a long time I've been wanting to go to South-America. Spanish coming up.


Thursday 23 june                    Punta Arenas


After 22,5 hours flying I arrived at the end of the world.

The views from out of the plain flying towards Chili were just overwhelming. A warm shiver went through my spine. It was a real astonishing picture, the ocean, mountains scattered on the shore within, The Andes in the background, covered in snow, the clouds hanging in the valleys.

My 2nd flight going to Punta Arenas was almost cancelled, because of weather conditions. I was lucky because if so I was going to Puerto Montt (which I don´t mind) receiving a free night in a hotel by Lan Chile.... but the flight went through, which was even better.

I arrived here late, tried to stay awake as much of the trip as possible, just because I thought it would be the best to avoid a Jet lag. The last two flights (Santiago-Puerto Montt-Punta Arenas) I haven´t been able to keep my eyes open.

I am seriously out of shape.

Can´t sleep at night and I wake up in the middle of the day..? It´s actually really hard to get the rithm right, but I´m not worried, I´ve got time, No stress!

I’m staying at Antonio’s Old Germans house, belonging to his parents now living in Santiago. A huge house full of very old fashioned hand made furniture, pretty cool!

He offered me to stay on the second day I was here, very friendly and peaceful person with a lot to tell. Knowing much about the culture and history of Patagonia and having an interesting life, I landed in the right place!

It´s again ideal, all of it, hard to understand in a way, but thanks to this I will be able to join a Ferry to Puerto Williams, the most South Island of Patagonia, after that Ushuaia, whatever I like. (his friend is the manager fo the ferry company, met him yesterday and he comes with the suggestion; would you like to go there....?What ? Well naturally yeah! More than anything.... sorted.) Wohooooooo.....

Driving on the street next to the Magallan Strait, with Tierra del Fuego on the other side, I can see plenty of wild dolphins every day, hunting and playing.  Closeby Antonio is working on a Landing Craft, he´s been rebuilding from scratch. Soon the boat is going to be ready and he will try to get contracts for oil companies.

I’m helping out on the boat and in the house (little nescesary, there he has been buisy with the landing craft).

It´s very beautiful here, every night the sky turns purple, really amazing. Very cold (-5), all cars are more scating on the streets than driving and the snow is just so pure. I love this place, good vibes, positive energy.

I’m hoping to go and hike in the National Park Torres Del Paine, doing the 5 day cruise to Puerto Williams, visit Ushuaia.

Should I stay here longer? People are so ‘amable’ nice. So friendly and helpful.

There´s one of Antonio’s stories that got me curious. A while ago a lot of Alaskan huskies and other well trained dogs were brought here to explore Antartica, after conservational reasons they were band from the continent and brought back to Chile, it being to expensive to send them back from where they originally came, so they were offered to people here in Punta Arenas. These dogs aren’t the type of dogs you keep in a garden, so they escaped. Wild again, forming packs there living free in the forests. (might go and have a look if I can find them)

Also Puma’s are around, so you must understand I’m about jumping all sides to go and explore. Can’t wait to see a wild Puma or a Condor.