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May 2005

Friday the 13th ….


Has anybody ever thought I would have been here and now?

I’m so amazed by this volunteer job, it is just incredible. Such a beautiful National Park to start with, but then I get the privilege to stay in one of the huts during 5 days by my self every week, every day I can go out and explore the area, which is without exaggeration just gorgeous! Last week I climbed one of the peaks, together with Virginie, one of my colleagues, a French girl. We meet up at a specific place in the park, she coming from her hut and I from mine and then go tramp together… the Views you get?! WAUW

A soon as I get my pictures, you will get a glimpse, but really those pictures don’t say much! The feeling you get when you’re out here… I’m perplexed and really tired when I come out, because of the 6-7 hour walking a day, climbing and descending… even if every night I’m sleeping at 7.30 or 8 after giving my visitors the weather forecast that has been passed by radio, checked if everybody is alright and sorted out. Waking up at 6.30 watching the beautiful sunrises, breakfast on my small cooking plate, cup a coffee…

Funny is the start of the week, you actually carry a load of stuff in with you, to have food for a week. Probably my bag ways about 25 kilo’s to walk in, from 2.5 hours climbing to the Ketetahi hut the first week, to now a 1.5 hour flat walk in to Waihohonui Hut.

Next week I’ll be going to Mangetepopo… which is the easiest to walk in, only 20 minutes… can carry a deluxe food supply if I want… from there I will be able to climb Ngaurahoui, one of the volcanoes on the pictures…   Don’t know how to express… this is just really superb!

I’m having a great time…