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October 2005

Tuesday 18th of October, La salle                 Ontario


Back since yesterday from a 10 day trip on the corridorpass. A train pass that allows you to go from Windsor to Quebec City and make all stops in between.

It was super to see all the cities and all the colours. Visited some really nice markets, and saw some amazing architecture on my city trotting.

I went in one way up to Quebec City to start there and gradually came down via Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and the Niagara Falls before heading back to Windsor.

Tomorrow will be painful day, as I will leave here early to take a bus to Detroit, from where I’ll wait for my plain to Dallas, wait for 4 hours again to jump on the 2nd plain to Vancouver

Time goes back 4 hours, so for me it will be late while there it will actually only be 7pm or so…

The first two weeks here in Canada were great, I had a wonderful time being with my family, joining them to there sport activities and went to follow one of my aunt’s courses, she is a professor at the University of Windsor where she teaches sport science.

I’m very proud to see my cousins doing what there doing. And my uncle was very happy to tell me loads of things, the do’s and not to do’s around here… some history and guidance towards the beautiful places where we went for walks. And than last not least, BLINKER.

There black lab, a super dog, had loads of fun with him…

And it’s just eye-opening to see what there up to compared with what Belgium would have to offer. Differences and comparisons, a thing of travelling.

Canada is a truly amazing country, so big and so well taken care of.

I’ve witnessed several places where America and Canada where just a 200 metres apart (Windsor and Niagara Falls) and the difference between the two of them is just remarkable.

So many trees, everything is pretty loaded with natural aspects giving it the finishing touch. America on the other hand contains lots of construction, even unattractive forms and colours for there industrial buildings and riverbeds… not want to sound too criticising…? But it’s just a fact.


Toronto was huge and nice because I got back in touch with Megan, one of the Hut wardens back in New Zealand. She lives in Toronto and just got back from a years travel around Australia and New Zealand. So it was great to talk with her about our findings and what it is like for her to be back home…

We agreed on a lot of aspects; how do we get back out there, while still having a budget, a kind of work or career next to that.

So many things we want to see in this world and how are we going to fit it in and what comes first?

The lucky person me was invited to stay over one night and enjoy this delicious dinner her mom prepared for us.

We ended up going together to the Niagara Falls the following day, which was great! She new the place a bit and so could take me to some spots a bit away from it which where truly beautiful too.

Pretty impressive; the Niagara Falls, so big and yet they where silent???

That night I got to see my family again, and close to my departure too Vancouver

The last place for me before coming back home…


Sunday 23rd of October, Victoria BC


2 more days and I fly to London, while the lucky me here is able to stay with Jeremy, another fellow hut warden in Victoria. Jeremy is a great kid and his family and he welcomed me in their home for my last couple of days in BC.

When I arrived in Vancouver it was just amazing how energetic I got from all the lovely people and the great friendly atmosphere around.

Vancouver is a nice city; I was lucky with the weather and could enjoy my day walking through Stanley Park and the downtown area…

Staying in a big hostel I got to talk to some nice people, but headed of for the Island on the next day.

Jeremy picked me up from the Ferry.

I’ve been spoiled ever since.

Early morning on Saturday I jumped in my clothes to go for an amazing walk up the hill with Jeremy’s dad (Rob) and dog (Maloa). From the top we had these amazing views of Victoria and surrounding bay and the Olympic Mountain range just at the other side (belonging to the US).

After that awakening hike, Jeremy and I took the car to drive up the west coast of Vancouver Island. We walked around Botanical beach and Sumoumbrio Beach, where in the thick mist and high tide still people were surfing and big driftwood logs were being washed to the shore.

The colours became so much more alive thanks to the wet fog and thick clouds around us.

As we were already very wet walking thought the rain, it didn’t matter to risk more humidity to walk up to this amazing waterfall in the rainforest of the Island.

We had to climb under and over fallen trees, hurry ourselves trough pass ways where the waves washed in and out and finally discover this 10 meter high waterfall coming down in an open roof cave like place, with walls covered in shining green moss.

I had a great day, just beautiful.

I’m glad to be here, rather than in the city, just much more peace and nature, which I love.

Today we were almost taken along by a whale spotting zodiac, to go and observe the killer whales and humpbacks that are abundant around here, but the water are too wild and perhaps I get the chance to go along tomorrow. I hope so. I went to see the golden stream, where the famous salmon swims up to lay there eggs and die, rotting away.

Huge fish, gliding through the stream, as if it is no effort at all for them staying still in the fast flowing stream water.

We saw 4 Bolden eagles from far away and a red tailed hawk.

And again, still just amazing without a doubt the intense colours of the maple trees, through the green mossy giant cedar trees rainforest.


It is time to go home. I can feel the excitement of seeing all friends and family again

And it might sound funny, but I’m up for a holiday. Some vacation, relaxation…

Tired, exhausted and born again… hehe.

I’m happy with what I’ve done and seen, got to know and could experience.

There hasn’t been a year so amazing and inspiring as this one.

I’m happy to see you all again soon, excited to see how you’re all doing and what you’ve been up too.

I guess it might be my final text, maybe not.

A slot will follow, for sure… but for that I will need to live it first.

Right now it’s a strange feeling, a combination of satisfaction and delightfulness with excitement and fatigue, a fulfilled spirit…?

A happy camper!



Wednesday 2nd of November


I got home safe and sound.

Isn’t it a great feeling; ‘knowing you realized the whole trip as planned, coming back home in one peace and seeing family and friends again’…

So great…

And strange…

Friday my mom, brother, Stephanie, Martine and Stella were waiting for me with a big welcoming sign… I was so excited… some of my luggage wasn’t arriving and so I had to wait for an hour before I could walk through the doors and make my first steps back on Belgian property…

The next day family and friends where invited to come for a drink, some cake and tortilla’s. I was literally covered in flowers and kisses, big smiles from all.

Saturday night a surprise party was given where all other friends where invited and a lot of beers where served… delicious Belgian beers, a very nice party with lots of fun and crazy moments. Thanks to my sweetest mom, who has been organizing this for me.

I had to wait until Monday to see my dad, who came back from china that day.

Was so good to see him and we went for nice dinner all to getter with my sister, brother and Aminata. 


The reintroduction of an endangered specie…  he he (It will never work).


And so I’m getting back into my usual rhythm, free as a bird, trying to organize all my pictures and stories.

A lot of people wonder what my next steps are going to be, well… I wonder myself a little as well.

As much delightful and wonderful places I’ve seen, it is hard for me to say what the best place was and where I’ll be going next…

I’m going to apply for some opportunities I’ve come across on my way, and also here in Belgium I might get something for in the mean while.

But a set plan isn’t downloaded yet, there’s no stress, only to many ideas and desires that need some structure…lot’s of structure…

Lot’s of things I hear from my friends and family;

- It has gone so quick, a year… as if you weren’t gone for that long,

- I still look exactly the same and I guess lot’s of them are proud of me

- Where are you going next?


So I guess it’s no surprise for anyone to know I’ll be going out there again.