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September 2005

Monday 12th September, Salvador.


I just arrived with the bus from Porto Seguro, already 2,5 weeks have gone by. Feeling delighted, going to visit my friend Phillip, from Belgium.

That Wednesday, when I arrived in Porto Seguro, a crazy adventure began. Chantal and I had a great time, and still have, as she’s with me here in Salvador.

Already the first night in Porto Seguro, we went for a drink on the boulevard and ended up on the most beautiful beach party I have ever been. Trance and techno music, full on. Next day, with a hangover, boat trip and bus trip to Trancoso. A place I’ve heard of, a place where to relax… (I was looking, dreaming for a place where you got a little bungalow on the beach and a couple of days of vacation, doing nothing, beach, see, sleep, read…. You know; Relax.) 

And so we arrived in this magic place, filled with a lot of Karma and energy.

(It explains enough that I didn’t leave until now.)

I got what I wished for, a holiday.


There are so many nice people and a perfect spot to get used to the Brazilian lifestyle; we need an education if we want to understand these people, there way of thinking and communicating. It’s so different, if you ask me. 

The daily rhythm alone goes like working, sleeping, eating and after 12 (midnight) you go out. Chantal and I didn’t make it every night, staying in bed when the alarm clock tried to pull us out at night, luckily, but we made it to some of the typical Forroh-parties.


We know almost everybody in Trancoso (not difficult because it is very small), made lot’s of friends, have a place to go back too whenever and loads of memories that will definitely change my perspective on life.

Marcos and Zil, a couple that sells chocolate, self made souvenirs and play in a band were our first friends, soon it all exploded into a whole community.

Than we met Ana Lucia, a super girl, grew up in the Amazon and travelled to many countries as well, fine art certificate, a -now living in Trancoso-inspiring person.

As we wanted to visit Caraiva (a more remote indigenous place close to Trancoso), she suggested to go together.  

Knowing everybody, we ended up sleeping in a friend’s house, getting introduced to locals and being surprisingly spoiled.

Walking on the beach of Caraiva, wondering, a helicopter seems to fly over closely.

Who’s that we ask ourselves?

Than the helicopter comes back and lands 20 meters further away on the beach???  

Hand signs our way, I stood up and Ana too.

Lunabel and Cris, people we were introduced to the day before, (Caraiva is even smaler), and Ana knew this Cris from 5 years ago, asked us if we wanted to join them???

Like a dream, images like in movies, we got a helicopter flight above one of the most beautiful coastlines in Brazil. Flying closely above the waves, over the indigenous Indian villages, the coral reefs, beaches and rock formations….

I did NOT believe this.

But there I was, front seat next to this extremely rich guy, having the best option to explore the beauty of this place. Lunabel had is own helicopter, flying this machine perfectly, I was impressed.

Caraiva is a secret pearl on the Brazilian coast. Not many people have invaded this place yet, hopefully it remains like this, but on the other hand, it’s a place you don’t forget to visit passing through Bahia.  No cars, no light after 12, hardly any noise or pollution, beautiful people living in nice little houses. A place you reach by canoe (or helicopter???) in the middle of nature.

Going back to Trancoso, we stayed a week longer with Ana in her beautiful old Hippie house.

I started painting and drawing and made my first real Pastel. A couple of days of creativity where liberating and I already miss the strong energy of that place.


Wednesday 28th of September, La Salle


Canadian introduction already done…

It’s great to see my family here in Canada. First time opportunity to visit them in there new lives. Besides my nieces and nephew growing like cowl… they are pretty impressive in their daily activities.

From school to gymnasium and football games, to Aikido, to coaching…

It’s been a while I’ve seen them and so fulfilling to finally catch up with them.

It does make me hungry to see my brother, mom, dad and sister too.

Today the last month has started… the 28th of October I’ll be arriving @ Brussels somewhere in the morning. Exciting.


Where was I? Salvador… Until I reached the beautiful island Itaparica, I had to endure the busyness and hugeness of Salvador. Phi was great showing us around and taking us out almost every night, but the city itself, except for Pelourinho (the Historic Centrum), was just not that pleasant. Arriving there, I was already convinced to stay a bit longer because of the house Phi has built on the Island in Salvador bay, swimming pool and sun guaranteed. Have to say, it doesn’t take me long to hesitate about such a suggestion.

This was great, Chantal and I remained a couple of days, relaxing @ pool and beach.

We cleaned the whole swimming pool and the house. Made ourselves the best caiparinhas and enjoyed our last days in the Brazilian sun.

The night I had to leave for Rio (which I did by plane instead of a 29 hour bus journey = same price) we went out in Salvador again and I ended up not feeling so great this trip. Never will I go drunk on a plane again. I did not get sick, wish I could, would have been better all the way… ;))

One day in Rio I went out to get some stuff I left behind and back to the airport to get my flight to New York.

Second night without a bed…

NYC. Not to be sarcastic, first thing arriving there; 3 US Dollars to use a little trolley for luggage stuff??? Of course I thought where else would you? Question at Information Desk, shuttle provided to get to the other airport from where my flight to Detroit would leave later in the afternoon? Yes 13 dollars… and so friendly. ?!

Got there after a while, checked in straight away, had about 8 hours to go and see some of Manhattan. One trick here is …”play stupid and keep smiling”!


Eventually I could admire the skylines and streets where to look up all the time, trying not to pay any attention to people’s attitude and disinterest in each other. I guess the South American vibes in opposite to this is the most abrupt change ever. It will have made it look worse than it actually was.

Quit amazing dough how high and massive New York City really is. Also will this place not be the best reference for the USA as a whole.

Manhattan, Time Square was the first I saw after taking busses and Subways Down town. From there I started walking around towards 5th avenue to pass the Empire State building. A bit further I took another subway to Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall.

Visiting the place where the WTC used to be. Powerful site being prepared for an even higher more meaningful tower.

A last walk towards Battery Park City, from where far away The Liberty Statue can be seen.

On my way back I visited a Native American Museum and had to get back to the airport, not wanting to risk anything. But my luck was over, starting to have a problem with my day pass, not allowing me on the subway for 20 minutes. Than the train didn’t stop on the 82nd or 74th street from where my bus was leaving towards La Guardia airport.

Passing 4 more stops before being able to take another train back to my desired place. Already loosing 1 hour time, I took a cab in stead of the bus, to make sure I was on time.

Every stop light red, getting nervous, boarding time started… I was 5 minutes before take off, so too late and missed my flight. Cab driver got me by demanding 25 dollars, while counter was indicating 10. 

Luckily the lady behind the counter was compassionate and gave me a new ticket without charges. I still had to wait till next morning.

Crazy stuff, looking for a place to stay… at least 130 $ for a simple room/night.  

Back into town to look for a Hostel or something alike, trying to find something a bit cheaper at least… every single Hostel was full booked of course. Exhausted I was sleep walking, dreaming of a bed to sleep in. But I remained on the airport once back there, trying to rest in those chairs, impossible to lie on because of the metal leanings in between.

I made it dough, very happy to see my family picking me up in Detroit, about 1 hour from La Salle, Windsor, Canada.

All the space to rest and relax, still warm and sunny as well…

Canada seems to be a sincerely taken care of environment. After a week or two with my family I think I’ll catch a train up to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Niagara Falls.

On the 15th I’ll fly to Vancouver, British Colombia.


 I'm experiencing every kind of situation...  

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